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Our patients speak highly of us and their progress towards better health.
These are just a few of the many written and video testimonials.

Jane’s Story


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I recommend Jeff Piper and his vitality assessment method of holistic health care every chance I get. He is knowledgeable, caring, very well informed and provides a comfortable atmosphere with his people friendly personality. I am extremely happy to have found him!


Jeff is personable, trustworthy, and I always feel comfortable with him while he is giving me a treatment. I believe that he has been honest and fair with me. I will continue to see Jeff as I am happy with the services that I have received.


I met Jeff back in 1994 on a mutual business project to which we both had great success. Since them, Jeff has been a consistent top performer in all of his endevours. His strong work ethic and people skills have permitted him to separate from the pack. I wish him massive success.


Jeff is a true leader. He has organized and influenced large teams of business people and leaders. His professionalism and flexibility always lead him to the successful conclusion of every endeavor he undertakes


Jeff is a problem solver. He serves people with the perspective of adding value and effectively achieving results. His resourcefulness is a benefit for all of his clients. He will get the job done and work hard to do so.


Jeff is a very knowledgeable person if he by chance doesn’t know the answer to the question, he’s very quick and efficient in getting the answer.


Jeff and I go back a few years now. First met in Ottawa at a business development workshop and immediately connected. Jeff’s honest and straight shooter approach in leading people in achieving success in their lives was fresh and honest. As are relationship grew, it was apparent that this was what Jeff all about….Honesty! Honesty is the virtue of refusing to fake the facts of reality, and that for me is the type of people I enjoy associating with.


I have known and worked with Jeff in various enterprises over the last 10+ years and know him to be a man of great integrity who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities, drive and focus. I have seen Jeff translate his entrepreneurial skills and his passion for people into successful businesses and I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone!


Jeff exemplifies the meaning of being on the leading edge of healthcare. With his friendly and knowledgeable assistance you can take the guess work out of being healthy with his counsel of all-natural remedies. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is experiencing health disturbances. Jeff works with integrity and competence


Jeff Piper role models the behaviors and attitudes of a man that is caring and compassionate about helping enhance and enrich the lives of others. He is an overcomer who has been faced with enormous life challenges. Through his work ethic, character and integrity he has met those obstacles head on and beaten the odds! Jeff has spoken to audiences around the globe on the importance of putting others first and never giving up on what you believe to be right and just. Today, Jeff leverages his passion and expertise in Natural Health products and remedies field to continue to do what he does best, help people to live healthier and more rewarding lives


I have been on the First Line Therapy Program for several months now, I love this program because it has helped me learn to live a healthier lifestyle and feel better. I am a 48 year old female, diagnosed with Diabetes,high blood pressure and cholesterol. Since being on the FLT program, I’ve decreased my diabetic and blood pressure meds in half. I feel so much healthier and stronger and no longer have the mid day sleepiness the bonus of all of this is that I’m losing weight at a healthy rate.


It has been most comforting to me that your computerized diagnostic system can target the organs of my body that require attention, and before I leave your office a healing remedy can be prescribed and ordered from your laboratory. My check-up after taking the first round of remedy indicated positive results in the targeted organs. Also, I enjoyed a much greater feeling of well-being overall.


Jeff takes the time to understand his client’s health concerns and to develop a program for them to achieve optimal health


Jeff is a caring, knowledgeable health care provider who goes above and beyond to help individuals holistically with their issues. He looks at the cause of the problem, not the symptom with amazing results. He has helped many of my family members, friends and colleagues. I am so glad to have found his service.


I went to Jeff as a last resort in dealing with IBS, a stomach condition that has plagued me since childhood. I had been to numerous doctors over the years and found nothing that worked. When I first met Jeff I was skeptical but the treatments and natural remedies have worked far beyond my expectations and my condition is all but cured.


I went to Kawartha Natural Health Clinic upon the recommendation of a friend who is a health practitioner. I had been dealing with a skin carcinoma that had been detected and removed medically by a specialist. I was feeling worn down despite a goal to keep my body well and not susceptible to diseases of any sort. You can imagine my gratitude when my results proved to be so positive at the first check-up. In the course of just a few months, I had begun to feel stronger and healthier than ever.


Before I went to Kawartha Natural Health Clinic I had a general feeling of tiredness and feeling down most of the time. My first appointment consisted of being checked thoroughly by the assessment system and determining which parts of my body needed attention. I was then matched to a herbal mixture that was made
for my own special needs, which I took for approximately two months. I could feel a difference after a week or two. I gained energy, my body didn’t ached so much, I generally felt better all over, and I had mental clarity that I haven’t had for a long time


For at least 15 years, I have suffered with sinus blockage, which turned to infection at least twice a year. The only way to get rid of the infection was with aggressive use of antibiotics, meaning it always took two or three prescriptions before it would go away. Over the years, I have gone to several specialists…but nothing worked. After being tested at Kawartha Natural Health Clinic and given a special [herbal] mixture, I am amazed at how it has kept my sinus’ clear and infection free, for almost a year now. You have no idea how wonderful it is to finally find something that works!